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Nursery managers determine optimal growing conditions for each plant. They consider the sun each area receives, slopes in the landscape, soil type, drainage, and other factors that affect plant growth. They decide which plants to grow and how many of each plant are necessary for business operations. Managers make calculations based on projected sales or current orders. They might create marketing plans, set budgets, order supplies, and ensure proper working conditions of equipment.

Decisions about when to plant, fertilize, harvest, and sell could be the responsibility of nursery managers. Because weather conditions greatly affect the success of plant growth, nursery managers carefully monitor weather patterns and take proper precautions to ensure the plants are not distressed by unfavorable weather conditions. They examine plants for diseases, insects, wildlife damage, and weeds to protect the health of the garden.

*** This posting is intended to describe the general content of requirements and pay for the performance of this job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive or all-inclusive statement of duties, responsibilities, requirements, or regulations. ***

Job Type: Full Time

Pay: 40,000-45,000 Salary

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