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A landscape estimator is often one of the first professionals on a job site as they work with design plans to create the list of all materials and item quantities required to bring the plan to life. These professionals are responsible for calculating the material costs of the job and creating estimates on the labor and equipment required to build the job. Like many other landscape professionals in this team-oriented industry, estimators usually work with other colleagues – including experienced installation managers and purchasing managers – to arrive at a final job cost to present to the client. In the maintenance business, the landscape estimator may inspect new properties, measuring lawns, beds, and hardscapes to help determine the labor and equipment required to maintain the property.

*** This posting is intended to describe the general content of requirements and pay for the performance of this job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive or all-inclusive statement of duties, responsibilities, requirements, or regulations. ***

Job Type: Full time

Pay: 30,000-35,000

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